Singing City is now holding auditions for its 2018-19 season.  Auditions are held by appointment. Call the Singing City office, (267) 519-5322, or you may request an audition online by filling out an Audition Request Form.


Audition Requirements:  One classical solo work of your choice that demonstrates your vocal range (art song, oratorio or aria, or your voice part of a choral anthem).  Our Artistic & Music Director will accompany you; please provide a copy of your solo. The audition will also cover sight-reading, tonal memory, and vocal range exercises.


Please consider joining us if you:

    Live within weekly traveling distance of Philadelphia (50 miles or less)

    Can sight-read music

    Have prior choral experience (please describe to us)

    Are not seeking professional promotion.  We have received many requests to promote aspiring professional vocalists.  We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, but we are a volunteer community and are only seeking volunteer singers for membership in our group.


Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings from 7:20 to 9:50 p.m. at Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia.  There are occasional Saturday
"all-day" rehearsals, usually before a major performance. Regular attendance and promptness are vital. Participation in community outreach activities and concerts is expected.


Audition Parking

Discounted parking is available on the east side of 15th Street, between Race & Cherry Street.  Take your parking ticket with you, and ask the Friends Center receptionist to stamp it for the validated parking rate of $15.00. Parking at the evening rate of $5 is available two blocks from Friends Center. PATCO


Please contact the Singing City Office or fill out our Audition Request Form to arrange your audition today!


How many concerts are typically performed per season?

We have three major concerts and several outreach concerts every year. Choir members are expected to participate in all season concerts and to be available for contract and community concerts at care facilities, schools and retirement communities, unless otherwise notified because of space restrictions. Some of our concerts require the entire choir while others use a smaller group (partial choir) depending upon the nature of the concert or the size of the stage or expected audience.


What kind of repertoire is typically performed?

Our repertoire spans a variety of styles, centuries, cultures, and languages. Being committed to this diversity as well as to new musical ideas and new interpretations of familiar works is necessary. No matter how many times you have performed a work in the past, each new performance brings the opportunity for new insights, creativity, and spiritual expression.


What are the dues?

Dues for singers are $250 per year. Payment plans and scholarships are available to those in need of assistance. Contact Cortlandt Matthews, Choir Administrator, or (267) 519-5322, for more information.


Are singers required to purchase their own music?

Singing City provides singers with music for each concert.


Are singers required to memorize the pieces?

This is up to the discretion of the Music Director, but generally, memorization is not required.


What constitutes concert attire?

Each singer is expected to purchase and maintain the appropriate choir garb. Women wear the official black top and pants or skirt and black shoes. New women should contact the Choir Administrator to arrange for garb. Payment plans are available for those in need of assistance. Contact  Choir Administrator Cortlandt Matthews,, for details. Men wear a black shirt, black dress pants, and black shoes. It is especially important that you have the appropriate garb and the music required for each performance. Black folders for music are also required.


What kind of folders are used?

Each singer must provide his or her own black folder for performances. Folders are available online.


Are there additional rehearsals besides the regular Tuesday rehearsals?

Yes. Throughout the season there are also several required Saturday rehearsals scheduled from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM; these rehearsals usually occur prior to major performances.