Community Concerts






Each season, small groups of Singing City members perform for audiences in a variety of community settings, including nursing homes, retirement communities, homeless shelters, or as part of an arts collaboration. If you are interested in bringing Singing City to your organization, please complete our Community Concert Questionnaire or contact us at or 267-519-5321.


Community Concert Questionnaire



Cody Müller, Community Concert Coordinator


A member of the Singing City bass section, Cody is a professional singer and advocate for community music-making. He completed his academic training at the Eastman School of music where he earned a Master of Music Degree under the tutelage of acclaimed Bass-Baritone Jan Opalach. Müller also holds a B.M. from Belmont University.




2018-19 (to date)


September 21 - Ronald McDonald House

Monday, October 15 - Voter Registration Event at Falls of Schyulkill Library

Friday, October 19 - Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Friday, November 16 - Penn Presbyterian Medical Center




















Music Rental


Singing City maintains a large inventory of classical choral music (over 800 works). We charge NO annual membership fee – you pay just for the music you rent. You pay shipping in both directions (UPS, FedEx or USPS). Rentals are normally for six-eight weeks, but we can accommodate your situation. Return dates are negotiated. We also rent music for one-day readings, such as open sings. Inquire about specifics, but most pieces rent in the range of $1.00-$2.00. Larger works will be somewhat higher.


To request additional information about music rental, please contact us at


Rental list, alphabetical by composer


Rental list, alphabetical by title




A group of singers gathers to warm up at a recent community outreach event at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.
Photo by Rose di Benedetto.

Choral singing is a natural, spontaneous medium for building understanding among people, and Singing City must take and make every opportunity to do so. To this purpose I must dedicate whatever talents I have and all of my energy.

Elaine Brown, Founder

June 7, 1957

Choir members, led by Lauren Tian,  perform for patrons at the
Lovett Memorial Library in Mt. Airy in April.