Kennedy Twinset

             Sherrill Top (pictured right)



             Palazzo Pants
Onyx Skirt


         Sizing Chart. Please note that all pieces follow Chart E,
             except for the Sherrill Top, which uses Chart B.

Choir Council 2018-19


President - Deb Clarke (S2),

Rebecca Horowitz (S1),

Beth Johnson (S2),

Martha Fried-Cassorla (A2),
William Lim (T1),

Matt Siverd (B2),


The Choir Council provides leadership for the choir and a voice for its concerns in the larger Singing City community. The Choir Council consists of the president and Section Captains. The members of Choir Council help to support the choir members by keeping them

informed of Board activities and artistic program plans. They also encourage singers to participate fully in the activities of the choir. Choir Council meets each month with the Music Director, Executive Director, and Choir Administrator to discuss internal choir concerns, fundraising activities, and other items related to choir performance.



For the Choir

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We've been collecting choir members' stories and share them with you here. If you are interested in adding yours, complete the choir survey, or submit it via email to Cortlandt Matthews, Choir Administrator, Don't forget to include a photo!