Singing City Children's Choir



The Singing City Children's Choir (SCCC), under the direction of Emily Sung, is a choral music education and performance program open to children at the James Rhoads Elementary School in West Philadelphia and, beginning this fall, the Wissahickon Charter School in Germantown.


Music from all styles and periods form the foundation for musical learning and serve as the basis for the curriculum. Concepts about music (melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, dynamics, form, style and performance practice) and musical skills (singing, theory, sight reading, etc.) are taught throughout the rehearsals through singing, listening and analysis. Singing skill and musical understanding are essential components of the creative process and a fundamental resource basic to music education.


Goals and Objectives

 • Introduce students to a variety of music—from African, American, European, and world cultures

 • Teach basic music rudiments: melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, and tempo, thereby increasing students' musical literacy

 • Teach vocal techniques and the joy of singing together

 • Improve children’s academic motivation, achievement, and school attendance

 • Nurture social-emotional and behavioral development

 • Transform young people into singer-musicians

 • Create community among children through choral singing

 • Provide performance opportunities in the Philadelphia community


The children perform throughout the year in concert with Singing City's adult choir, on their own, and in collaboration with other arts organizations.


For more information, contact us at 267-519-5321.