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Annual Friends Drive 2016-17


In its work, Singing City has always embraced people of different social, ethnic, economic and religious backgrounds. We believe that our work is making a difference in people’s lives, be they in our choirs or in the community. This year, the choir will present four major concerts (collaborating with Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, Lyric Fest, Anton Armstrong and André Thomas), the children's choir will expand to include the Wissahickon Charter School in Germantown, and we will continue to perform for under-served audiences in the Philadelphia region. All of this takes funding. Every donation we receive is important and your gift is tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!



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If you wish to make ongoing monthly payments, please e-mail Office Manager Cortlandt Matthews,, or call 267-519-5322, to make arrangements. As always, thank you for your support!











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A Simple Gift
The Singing City Endowment and The Legacy Fund


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You might want to make a gift to the Singing City endowment, but now is not the right time for you. Keep it simple. Make a bequest or deferred gift to the Choir. Your bequest will support the Choir’s endowment, which in turn will help strengthen the Choir’s ability to retain and attract the very best staff, provide ongoing support for Singing City in the Schools and the Singing City Children's Choir, stabilize the operational budget and establish a financial aid fund so that everyone in the choir can participate in retreats and go on tour.


This kind of generosity sustains programs, improves services, and impacts and enhances lives. One way to continue to make a difference and perpetuate your generosity is by making a charitable bequest, a simple case of including Singing City in your will according to your intentions. This is just as important as current giving, maybe even more so, because it sets an example for others to emulate. It can be as easy as setting aside a specific amount or percentage of your estate. Keep it simple: make a bequest to Singing City. Your gift will be gratefully received and wisely used.


If you would like to include Singing City in your planning, please contact Lauren Anderson at 267-519-5321 or by e-mail at



Our Funders


Archie W. and Grace Berry Foundation

The Connelly Foundation

Samuel S. Fels Fund

Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

John K. and Elizabeth W. Knorr Foundation

The Philadelphia Cultural Fund

The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

The Presser Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation
















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